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Prices at PerfectPapers are set to the industry average. This allows us to employ writers who meet the high standard demands applied to the US, European, and other writers across the globe.

We are extremely selective in the assignments we undertake to ensure highest standards of quality for each accepted client. Therefore, sometimes we regrettably have to excuse ourselves from taking any new assignments. 

We are asked for assistance in a wide range of assignments, from ordinary research papers/essays, term papers, and Master’s/doctoral Degree theses, to Corporate Manuals for all functions across the entire organization. 

Some clients ask us to put together the pages they have written by themselves just to feel more confident, while others give us detailed outlines to ensure the paper is in exact accord with what they have in mind. The quote for each assignment is therefore based on academic level, complexity of topic, number of pages, and urgency of an assignment. Still, our prices are carefully calculated to be affordable by all out clients, especially the students.

Prices to corporate clients are based on the size of the organization, number of functions, complexity/detail of the processes, whether to be documented from scratch or built upon an existing and acceptable framework, and number of manuals that may be needed at minimum to complete a logical framework.

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